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Wat Umong or “The Tunnel Chiang Mai Temple”

Wat Umong Suan Phuthatham

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Buddha images damaged.

Buddha images scattered along the trail, some damaged, are scattered between trees, originating from various temples, with some having only the head.

Buddha statues, old and broken, were recovered after a long period of neglect in a temple.

Area full of old and broken Buddha statues
The Tunnel Temple

Broken Buddha statues.

Big Lanna Chedi at Wat umong or Tunnel temple

A large circular bell-shaped chedi, resembling the Lanna style, features a thin fasting Buddha in the ascetic style, surrounded by a black image.

Early Lanna Chedi
Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai, the Wat Umong or “Tunnel temple”

Big bell shaped Lanna Chedi

Ashoka pillar at Wat umong or Tunnel temple

Temple grounds display an Ashoka pillar from 13th century, adorned with four lions and a Dhamma wheel, showcasing the temple’s history and significance.

Ashoka, an Indian King in the 3rd century BC, sent monks to spread Buddhism across South and Southeast Asia, reaching Europe. He erected numerous inscribed pillars, some of which still exist, detailing the spread of Buddhism.

Copy of an Ashoka pillar
The Tunnel Temple Chiang Mai tour

Ashoka pillar

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