Wat Pha Lat In Chiang Mai

Wat Palad temple or Wat Pha Lat temple Chiang Mai temple

Wat Palad or Pha Lat also called Wat Sakithaka or forest temple

On our private Chiang Mai tour, you can visit wat Palad or wat palat.

HD01: Private Tour Sunrise at Doi Suthep Temple, Doi Suthep Tour, Wat Pha Lat, Wat Umong or “Tunnel Temple" and include Khao soi test

Wat Palad:

HD02: Morning Alms Giving Ceremony, Doi Suthep Temple and Wat Pha Lat

Wat Palad: The Secret Jungle Temple in Chiang Mai

HD03: Private Tour Umong Temple , Phalat Temple and Monk Chanting at Doi Suthep Temple

private tour in Chiangmai

HD: 07 Half Day Chiang Mai’s Sacred Mountains, Doi Suthep Temple, and Palad Temple

Wat Palad: The Secret Jungle Temple in Chiang Mai
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Wat Pha Lat In Chiang Mai

Our client is amazed by a broken pagoda in Wat palad, Chaing Mai.

Wat Pha Lat (Chiang Mai)

 Buddha statue in wat palad, Chaing Mai.


Wat Palad: The Secret Jungle Temple in Chiang Mai
Wat Pha Lat In Chiang Mai
Wat Palad Temple on Doi Suthep mountain.

Wat Palad Temple is the best place for matidation.

The temple is a magnificent sanctuary of tranquility in the heart of the forest, set in a garden with gorgeous statues, little embellishments, and even a small waterfall (dried in hot season). 

Because it is surrounded by nature, Wat Palad is recognized as a meditation temple. The temple is surrounded by vegetation, giving it an antique Indiana Jones atmosphere. Along with the beautiful rock formations that go down the mountain, there is also the soothing sound of rushing water pouring between the gaps. It’s a nice location to sit and unwind, read a book, and be alone with your thoughts. I now see why the temple’s primary goal was meditation.

Pa Lad Temple is a stunning structure. The wonderful green landscape will greet you as soon as you arrive. There are trees, streams, mountains, and grass, among other things. The terrain looks to be rather steep hills. As a result, if you stand at certain locations, you will be able to glimpse the magnificent beauty of Chiang Mai’s city from afar.


Wat Pha Lat (Chiang Mai)
Wat Palad Chiang Mai Temple Doi Suthep
Wat Palad Temple on Doi Suthep mountain.

Pa Lad Temple in Chiang Mai is a magnificent woodland monastery.

Pa Lad Temple is in Chiang Mai’s Suthep District, Muang County. It’s one of three forest monasteries in the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. Pa Lad Temple is an ancient temple that dates back over 500 years. According to legend, it was constructed during the reign of Phaya Kue Na.

Even the monastery was abandoned at one point, but it was again repaired. It is now open to visitors who go touring or practice Buddhism.

You might be wondering where the name ‘Pa Lad’ comes from. Long ago, it was said that the monastery was once known as ‘Pa Lerd.’ The name was changed to ‘Pa Lad’ after the waterfall’s name.

The monastery’s architecture is not beautiful since it is old, and Pa Lad Temple is not a regular monastery. Everything, however, is valuable. They may not appear to be outstanding, yet they are fantastic and unforgettable.

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