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Learn the History of Thai CoffeeThailand’s coffee is also environmentally friendly.

Learn the History of Thai Coffee

Learn the History of Thai Coffee

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The Beginnings of Thai Coffee: Origins and History of the Thai Coffee Green Beans

Over the last couple of centuries, Thailand has seen a huge rise in coffee output and popularity. For most of coffee’s history, when we think of great imported coffees, we could think of Columbia, Brazil, or even Ethiopia.

However, Thailand coffee has its own unique manufacturing method and flavor, and more coffee enthusiasts are discovering the joys of Thailand coffee every day. But where did it all begin? What are the roots of the Thai coffee frenzy, and what is the country’s history with coffee bean production?

Learn the History of Thai CoffeeThailand’s coffee is also environmentally friendly.

Thai Coffee History: How Thailand Coffee developed

The war on drugs played a significant role in the development of Thai coffee, which is now widely enjoyed in northern Thailand. King Bhumibol Adulayedej of Thailand, concerned about the illegal trade of opium, sought a more reputable crop for tribal farmers in northern Thailand. The province of Chiang Mai, known as “the bean belt,” is an ideal location for coffee growth due to its favorable climate, lower humidity, and favorable soil conditions. The mountain rainwater, which enriches the soil with minerals, creates ideal conditions for coffee plants to thrive. This distinctive coffee taste quickly spread throughout northern Thailand, with residents clamoring for it and more plantations producing it. The international community soon recognized the phenomenon, and Thai coffee has become a beloved and exotic treat for many coffee lovers.

As you might imagine, this new, distinctive coffee taste quickly caught on, not just in northern Thailand but also throughout the country. Thailand residents continued to clamor for the coffee, and more and more plantations continued to produce it.

The outside world soon caught wind of the phenomenon, and just a few decades later, Thailand coffee is now well-known as a delicious, exotic treat that delights many coffee lovers.

Thailand’s coffee is also environmentally friendly.

The principle of sustainability is also ingrained in Thai coffee culture. Coffee enthusiasts with refined tastes frequently prefer Thai coffee, as do those with a strong respect for the environment and coffee culture.

As a result, many Thai roasters use fair trade and sustainability evaluations, which help all the farmers and the environment.


Learn the History of Thai Coffee

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