Does coffee taste bitter? 

How To Taste Good Bitterness

How To Taste Good Bitterness

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Coffee, even specialty-grade beans, will always contain a small amount of bitterness, which is beneficial as it creates a gentle, balanced bitterness that allows for deeper flavors and interesting flavors that may not be possible otherwise.

Why Your Coffee Tastes Bitter?

Bitter coffee comes down to two things: bad beans and bad brewing.

The text advises against buying low-grade beans as they can taste bitter. It suggests purchasing specialty-grade beans for better quality. However, if you already have good beans, the issue lies with over extraction, where the beans become over-brewed and start to taste bitter.

Here are a few flavor note tests of what wonderful bitterness might taste like:Deep and creamy, like dark chocolate Warm and complex, like chestnut
Bitter-sweet, like a pineapple

So here’s how over-extracted coffee usually happen:

📌  To extract flavors properly, coffee grinds should be pounded too finely. Smaller grounds remove flavors faster than bigger grinds. Too fine grinds may provide balanced tastes while also introducing negative ones.

📌  Too much time spent brewing grounds might result in additional harsh tastes in coffee. Wait too long to push down the filter in a French press, or fine grinds in a pour over cone may take too long to drain, prolonging the brew time past the sweet spot.

📌  As it should be between 195 and 205 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is excessively high, resulting in over-extracting harsh tastes and perhaps over-brewing of balanced coffee.Here are some taste note examples of delectable bitterness.


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