Local Chiang Mai beliefs

Are you believe it or not ?

Beliefs of Chiang Mai local people, some people believe in God, some believe in Ghost and some believe in themselves. Thais are beliefs from waking up to hitting the bed.


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If you were dreaming then woke up at the early morning (3-5 am.) it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad dream, it will come true within 3 months.

color of the days of the week
color of the days of the week

2. Lucky color of everyday.

Thais, some believe that to dress in the same color as the color of each day will bright good luck.

Sunday: Red

Monday: Yellow

Tuesday: Pink

Wednesday: green

Thursday: Orange

Friday: blue

Saturday: purple

belief of local chiang mai people about gecko
I will more explain about gecko ha…ha

3.Geckos Or Jing Jok don’t want to let you go.

After you were all dress up and ready to face the day. If a gecko makes a sound “Juh Juh” when you’re about to leave the house, we believe it means bad luck. When this happens, some Thais may change their plans and stay at home instead.

belief of Chiang Mai thailand
Wednesday is NO Hair Cut!!!

4.Do not cut the hair on Wednesday.

Have you ever heard that it is unlucky to get a haircut on a Wednesday in Thailand? Most hair salons are closed or the hairdressers get a day off every Wednesday.

The bad spirit house who need friend
Beep Beep Horn for pay respect to the spirit

5.Beep Beep!!!! Honk when driving pass the shrine or curve.

Thai drivers believe that when driving pass a shrine or a curve that had many accidents, you should honk to pay respect to the spirit of the place.  This may sound very superstitious but there is some fact in this matter. This belief actually just makes people alert when driving through a dangerous curve. To prevent the accident a driver can give a sigh to other drivers by honk the horn.

believe or not Chiang Mai
believe or not Chiang Mai

6.How to stop rain?

Thais can stop the rain before it began to pour another amazing Thailand, no?  Well, Some believe that virgin women have a special power to do so.  If you don’t want to have a rainy day you can give a virgin lady a lemongrass and ask her to stick it onto the ground.  This way not only the sun will shine all day, you can also check if one is still a virgin or not, cute no?

7.Good man finish the last piece.

It’s lunch time and you ordered pizza which you enjoy eating and chatting with your friends until it only have one slice left.  You may come up with a game to win the last slice or you can just hog it.  Some Thais either hijacked it or simply pass it on to single guys or gals.  The last piece of food mean the best so if you got to eat literally the best, you will get to eat well, figuratively best men or women.  Talking about dating, here.

spirit house
What people believe in spirit house Chiang Mai?

8.Guardian of the house or spirit house ?

We can have a guard to protect our houses from bad guys or bad spirit. Thailand got it all in control some have Thai spirit houses where an angel can live in and protect us from the unknown.

Tree of life
Tree of spirit

9.Tree of belief.

Big tree can come alive.  Some believe that old and big trees have guidance angels live inside so local often decorated it with colorful silk and worship it.  We also used it as a gimmick to preserve our forests.  Local arranged a ritual called tree ordain.  Where monks will ordained trees in a wood which mean that trees are in a pure monkhood and if someone cut them down that person do a bad karma.

belief of dream
Dream become true

10.Dream for love.

If you dream about snakes wrapping itself around your body that means your soul mate is on his/her way! In the case you already have a girlfriend, boyfriend, or are already married and you dreamt that you found a snake, someone is having a crush on you! Let’s sleep early today, shall we?

eyes of local belief in Chiang mai
Or we need to rest


if you right eye twitches it means something bad is going to happen to you, but if it is the left eye you will have good luck.

These are only some beliefs which still presents in Thai society context nowadays, Some Thai do beliefs some Thai don’t.  Most of us treat them like a guide line from the past and in some beliefs we found good reasons behind them.  We all have our own beliefs, whether we believe it or not we should respect the right to believe, anyway.