Chiang Mai Tour

Chiang Mai Lanna Culture City


Wat Umong
Wat Umong forest temple in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a province located in the northern Thailand (we call here Lanna kingdom before), known also as the culture capital of Thailand. Chiang is mean “city” and Mai is mean “new”. Chiang Mai’s meaning “New City” but it lay back more than 700 years old, making it one of the most historic cities in Thailand. Much of this heritage remains and traveling around the old town will reveal ancient city walls and gates, as well as temples that have stood for half a millennium or more. And also, someone call Chiang Mai the “rose of Thailand” because full of natural tourist attractions.

Private Tour Thailand Chiangmai Cultural tour.  Our program Design to show local food, the best place or the best time in Chaingmai to make photo, Lanna history, Thailand history, hill-tibe experience, wildlife and architecture. We try to mix and match foodie, culture and avoid from tourist crowded. We are specializing in both tailor-made (design your own tour we can help you advice) and private tour package. Make your holiday with expert one!

If you want a mahout experience or Elephant lover, we can take you to elephant, will set activities to respond the demand of the tourists to play and learn on elephant language, take care of elephants, how to ride on the elephant and elephant bathing.One great day is to big experience from elephants and mahouts truly.The concept our elephant camp is to promote the elephant care and happiness.through.

Please email us and tell me what you want to do and see in northern Thailand.