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Phayao Private Tour

Almost covered by foothills and valleys, Phayao is a small peaceful city near Chiangami. Though with only modest facilities and conveniences, it is a charming community with lovely natural beauty and fascinating religious sites. Dating back to more than 900 years, it used to be an independent state with its own rulers before it became a part of the Lanna Thai kingdom in mid-14th century.Phayao is approximately 200 kilometers form Chaingmai and covers an area of 6,335 square kilometers.

For Phayao I can make trip, private tour from Chiangmai to phayao and visit highlight of phayao in local focus such as see

 or Phayao Lake, visit than sawan waterfall, visit local temple Wat Si Khom Kham, this is a heart of Phayao people.

private tour guide to Phayao city

Private tour to see sunset at Kwan Phayao by

Than sawan waterfall one of most beautiful water fall in Thailand

Than sawan waterfall with private guide Jack


wat si khom kham phayao

wat si khom kham phayao


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