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Waterfalls and natural hot springs, Chae Son National Park

The national park is an undiscovered gem and allows visitors the chance to see a naturaly beautiful and less well known area of Thailand.

Chae Son hot spring in Lampang

It’s not just in the South that you can take a dip. The North also brims with waterfalls and natural hot springs. Here in Lampang, apart from treating your tense muscles to Chae Son Hot Spring after months of hard work, you can enjoy your DIY poolside snack – hot spring soft boiled eggs.  If you want to make a cooler splash, go for it at the waterfalls in Chae Son National Park. The highlight is the 6-tiered Chae Son Waterfall, located 1 km from the park center and a short walk from the hot spring.

Chae Son Waterfall in Lampang

The main attractions in Chae Son for tourists are the hot springs and Chae Son waterfall located close to the park headquarters. The hot spring rooms completely refurbished and looking relatively luxurious, for a small fee you can enjoy the hot sulfurous water from the nearby springs which is pumped into the hot tubs which are very clean and comfortable. Each room has shower facilities with cool water, which is very much welcome after a few minutes in the hot bath!!!!